Saint Mary Bike Lane

We are proud to announce a new bike lane on the campus of UL! Though a partnership between UL Lafayette and the Lafayette MPO the Saint Mary bike lane will start striping today. You did this Lafayette, you asked for it, BikeLafayette and others advocated for it and now it is coming to fruition. First we would like to thank UL Lafayette for putting up the estimated $70,000 to pay for this bike lane, we would also like to thank the Lafayette MPO for helping implement the vision of Lafayette's bicycle community as well as the UL Lafayette Master Planning committee. Now for the nitty gritty of what it will look like: On UL's campus (between Taft and Johnston) there will be a 6ft bike lane with 3ft buffers between the bike lane and the vehicle traffic. image001

Off campus (between Johnston and St. Landry) there will be a 5.5ft bike lane with no buffer between the bike lane and vehicle traffic. image002 In some areas approaching intersections the bike lane will merge into the vehicle travel lane to accommodate for a turning lane, in accordance with road planning conventions.  Green pavement markings will be installed approaching a combined lane.  Motor vehicles must yield to bicycles in these green zones prior to entering the combination bike lane/motor vehicle turn lane. image003