Rox Randoneurs

Rox Randonnee group picThe few, the proud, braving sun, rain and wind - on Mother's Day no less - for a sneak peak and brainstorming of ideas for a cyclist rest area in Rox's name at a peaceful, pretty strip of land at the entrance of Lastrapes' Garden Center. There with us cyclists were, Jim Lastrapes (owner of the property and fellow cyclist), Rox's family (sister, dad and sister-in-saw), a landscape architect named Caleb, and folks from the local paper. Rox's family was most appreciative of the generosity of  Jim Lastrapes and the support of Bike Lafayette in promoting cycling, cycling safety and a memorial to their Rox, who had passion for both. Early idea exchange with Caleb yielded thoughts about a "running tranquility brook," a fountain, shade trees, benches, a bike rack, repair station and more. Jim has already provided the hookups for water and electricity. The site's off of the I-49 frontage road, just north (same side of the highway) from Rox' current memorial marker at the Grand Coteau/Sunset area. The family will take responsibility for the commemorative marker itself and Bike Lafayette will fund the balance of the development with 2014 Ride for Rox proceeds. Donations will, of course, be welcomed from anyone.

We'll post the newspaper article and photos once printed and keep you posted on project progress.