Ride for Rox Registration Discount for Bike Lafayette Members

Just 36 hours left to pre-register for the Ride for Rox. Bike Lafayette members at the Silver Spoke, Supporter, and Sustainer levels get half off the registration fee. Silver Spoke members get 1, Supporters get 2, and Sustainers get 4 Rox registrations at half price. So, now is an ideal time to buy that membership for yourself, your family, your company, or as a gift for others. In addition, all membership levels come with a choice of Bike Lafayette t-shirt or reflective sticker as a thank you gift for your support. Best of all, your membership buys local bicycle advocacy all year long.
To see a sample of what your membership dollars buy, come to next Tuesday night's LCG Council meeting when Joey Durel declares April as Bike Month and the Lafayette MPO votes on a proposal to dedicate a portion of local transportation funding to bicycle infrastructure development. Our Facebook event shows more than 60 people attending the LCG meeting. With an overwhelming attendance, we aim is to show our local elected officials that bicyclists count (and vote) and expect to be represented in public policy decisions. We've come a long way on this front in just the past year and look forward to a fast paced future in the right direction with continued growing public engagement. Become a Bike Lafayette member and help make that difference!