Podcast of 1/16/13 MPO Bike Subcommitee Meeting Now Available -- For A Short Time!

Three cheers for MPO planner Jennifer Severson! In response to BikeLafayette's request, she made available on the MPO website an audio recording of this week's Bike Subcommittee meeting.  Although the meetings are scheduled over lunch or after work to facilitate public participation, it's often hard for many of us to get away from work or other daily obligations to attend.  But with this "podcast" -- at http://mpo.lafayettela.gov/calendar/getMeeting.asp?id=255 -- anyone with access to the internet can stay up to date on local government's bicycle-related activities. Do check it out soon though. Due to server space constraints, the audio will remain online only until the next Subcommittee meeting after which that meeting's audio file will replace this one. Thanks again, Jennifer!