Next MPO Bicycle Subcommittee Meeting - 5/8/13 @ Noon

The next Lafayette MPO Bicycle Subcommittee meeting will take place next Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at noon in the Rosa Parks Transportation Center Multi-Purpose Conference Room at 101 Jefferson Street in Lafayette. Agenda items include:

  1. Review of Subcommittee Bylaws
  2. MPO Urban Systems Funding Bike/Ped Allocation
  3. Bikeway Plan Implementation Priorities

Item 2 is important follow up to the March 26, 2013 MPO Governing Board vote to dedicate 10% of MPO Urban System Funds for bike projects.  In August 2013, LCG will begin its annual budgeting process. In anticipation, the local cycling community needs to be prepared with a prioritized list of bike projects for which we want to secure local matching funds to draw the MPO Urban System Funds . Toward that end, Mike Hollier will discuss projected bikeway funding and plan priorities, and the Subcommittee will review Prioritization Rankings from 2030 Bikeway Plan (conducted in 2005) for project status.

Looking further ahead, MPO staff will provide the Subcommittee with a matrix for the 2040 Bikeway Plan and outline evaluation process. 2040 Plan Prioritization Matrix Evaluation will begin at June 12th MPO Bicycle Subcommittee meeting.

See full agenda at  For more information, contact Jennifer Severson at 291-8186.