MPO Board Adopts Bike Funding Resolution

Go bikes! The MPO Governing Board voted unanimously tonight to adopt a dedicated goal to allocate 10% of Annual Urban Systems funds for bicycle and pedestrian improvements in greater Lafayette. See the full resolution text and background document here MPO resolution adopted 032613

Special thanks to the more than 50 Bike Lafayette members who came to the LCG City Council/MPO Board meeting to show their support.  Thanks also to Councilmen Donny Bertrand (District 7) who championed and moved approval of the resolution and William Theriot (District 9) who spoke in support.

We look forward to the much needed bicycle infrastructure improvements that the up to $200,000 will bring.  As always, Bike Lafayette will keep up its participation on the MPO Bicycle Subcommittee meetings (Thanks, Tony!) where such needs are identified and prioritized.  We'll keep you posted on when subcommittee meetings are happening and when audio recordings of the meetings are available for those who could not attend. Lastly, any time that you have input that you want represented to the MPO, we're here for you. That's what we do!  Just email us at