MPO Bicycle Subcommittee - Next Meeting on 1/30/13

The next meeting of the MPO Bicycle Subcommittee will take place next Wednesday, January 30, 2013, at noon in Rosa Parks Transportation CenterMulti-Purpose Conference Room 116 (101 Jefferson Street, Lafayette).

Agenda items include:

- LCG Roadway Projects Planning and Design – A representative from LCG’s Public Works Department will present information about the planning and design process for roadway projects undertaken by LCG. Subcommittee will address how to best incorporate bicycle accommodations into planned capital improvement and maintenance projects.

- Subcommittee Bylaws - Subcommittee will review draft bylaws and make recommendations for revisions; if no revisions are requested Subcommittee will move forward with adoption. Subcommittee action is requested.

The meeting is open to the public.

If you can't make it, an audio recording will be posted for a short time after the meeting.