LCG forum for cycling community

Last week when there was so much TV and newspaper attention to the latest cycling deaths, I (Jen) got inspired to take advantage of the moment to initiate a longer term public awareness campaign.  I searched around for readily available Public Service Announcements that we could use here.  Beginner's luck, I guess, but on Friday I got in touch with the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission's bike guy, Dan Jatres, and by Monday he got the ok and emailed me the radio and print media ads NORPC recently produced with public transportation funding.

From there, I naively sent an email with the ads to Cajun Cyclists and Petit Paris Cycling group members floating the idea of getting the "share the road" graphic on the back of city buses (I'd seen a photo of it done in the U.K. on the Bike Lafayette Facebook page and it seemed like a good idea) and the radio spots on local stations.  In under 24 hours, an overwhelming number of fellow bikers responded with offers of support for he effort.  Enough people forwarded the email around LCG that it hit leadership (Joey Durel and Tony Trammel) multiple times and generated quick responses.

LCG said that they are busy planning a response to bike safety concerns and would announced those plans soon.  I went a step further and asked to schedule a forum where Joey Durel, Tony Trammel and others at LCG could present those plans to the cycling community, address our questions/concerns, and get our feedback/input.  They response was favorable, so now guess who's looking for help with organizing a forum.  As soon as I have more concrete plans, I'll share the news.