LCG Council Vote on Bikeway Development on Tuesday, May 21

Time to get out the cyclist vote again, folks!  Come one, come all to this Tuesday's (5/21) LCG Council meeting to show support for a proposal to reserve space for off road bike paths along the new section of Ambassador.

This link will take you to the full article in yesterday's Advocate, but the gist is that on Tuesday evening the LCG Council will vote on a resolution by Councilman Don Bertrand that calls on the City-Parish Planning, Zoning and Codes Department to develop a special district for Ambassador Caffery Parkway that would require new businesses to be set back at least 55 feet on both sides of the road. It could set the stage for wide bicycle and pedestrian paths and a landscaped buffer with benches, sculpture and parks along the new stretch of Ambassador.  The road, serving one of the fastest-growing areas in the parish, is expected to become a major commercial corridor, and Bertrand would like to ensure that aesthetics and options for bicyclists and pedestrians are considered. There is no money for bike and pedestrian paths, lighting or landscaping at this time, but Bertrand said the setback will preserve space for future improvements. Bertrand said it would be difficult to recapture that space if the requirements are not implemented before intense development begins in the area.

Those of you who came out for the last bike related LCG vote (successfully dedicating 10% of the area's federal transportation funding to bike-ped projects) will remember Councilman Bertrand's ardent support of that cause. We need to support him now as he works to push the bike-ped cause further.

The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Auditorium at 705 W. University Ave.  This resolution is first on the agenda.  So, don't be late.  Show up before it starts so you can fill out a card to be formally counted as in support of the measure.