It's coming into focus -- a communitywide vision for a bikeable Lafayette

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for our Transportation/Urban Planning Professionals and Cyclists Mixer. It was a success beyond our wildest. We packed the pavillion, ran out of red beans, and networked toward a bike friendly Lafayette til dark. It was wonderful to have so many key people from the City there as allies and partners. And what a diversity of cyclists - children and families, retirees, the bmx and fixie young adults, roadies, commuters, recreational riders, and more. Put simply, broad support and representation. The takeaway was clear: the time is ripe for making real progress toward the larger goal of a bikeable and walkable Lafayette.  We left full of ideas, energy and connections. Oh, the plans we aim to make!  Get ready. More opportunities to advocate for cycling are coming soon. Stay tuned here to find out what, where and when. Go bikes!