From the VIce President: Announcing BikeLafayette's First Executive Director

It is with great honor that I announce Monique Koll as BikeLafayette’s first Executive Director. We had an excellent applicant pool with outstanding candidates, and we appreciate everyone that took the time to apply. This is new ground for BikeLafayette, and the fact that we had such qualified people that want to work in the area of bicycle advocacy speaks volumes for our community as a whole.  

President Jerrod Olivier and I reviewed all the applications in detail as we wanted to ensure we decided on the absolute best representative for our community. This is a decision that we did not take lightly, and we knew the person we decided on would have major impact on the direction the organization will take for years to come. We finally decided on Monique Koll for several reasons. She has already shown great leadership and representation for bicycling both with the government and with the public in the Acadiana area, has been donating her free time during her recovery to further our mission in education & awareness, and her enthusiasm and dedication to the cause is unmatched. She is accustomed to working in a highly professional setting, has experience in grant writing, educating, and fundraising, and has extensive experience with several non-profits. Her work with the League of American Bicyclists for our area to become a Bicycle Friendly Community is a clear demonstration of her writing skills and dedication to the cause. We are confident that we have chosen the best candidate possible to represent bicycling in Acadiana.


Please join us in welcoming Monique Koll as our first Executive Director. Great things are on the horizon for our organization.


Jon Langlinais

Vice President, BikeLafayette