Don't Forget - LCG City Council/MPO Board Meeting Tomorrow Night (3/26)

Picture1Local government entities have made great strides in the right direction on biking over the past year, thanks in no small part to of the increasing and sustainted attention of Bike Lafayette and other bicycling advocates. Think Atakapas-Ishak Trail opening, Bike Month & Bike to Work Day 2012, the conversion of a time limited Bicycle Subcommittee to a standing committee of the local transportation planning agency, the ULL bike path, Bike Month 2013 & FestiVELO on 4/7/13.
Don't miss this opportunity to show your appreciation for what has been done (public praise goes a long way with public officials) and push for further progress. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the impression we make. Let’s pack the place!!!
Oh, and if fear of a long boring public meeting has you thinking twice about coming, we have a fix for that. Bike Lafayette has rented out the Rusted Rooster across the street for us civic-minded bike folk to eat, drink and be merry between the two agenda items of interest. The plan is to pop in to the Council meeting for the proclamation, slip out to the Rooster to commune on all things bike (except for the one devotee who stays behind to monitor the agenda and text message when it’s time to return), then pop back in just in time for the MPO piece. Et voila! Mission accomplished.

Be there or be square!