Bicycle Safety Study Request for a Student's Doctoral Dissertation

Hi, I am a doctoral student in the SUNY Downstate School of Public Health in Brooklyn, New York.  I am conducting a dissertation research project which utilizes an anonymous on-line survey of bicyclists to investigate whether there is an association between specific bicycling practices and traffic accident risk.  Bicycling practices of interest include: bicyclist speed, alertness to potential hazards, response to traffic signals, direction of travel in relation to traffic, and other practices.  Accident risk includes actual traffic accidents or "close calls".  It would be most helpful to be able to reach out to groups of people who ride bicycles. Therefore, I am requesting your assistance in communicating to your subscribers to invite them to participate in my study.

My Bicycling Safety Survey is available on-line.  To enable you to share this information with your readers and subscribers, I have attached an "official" invitation in PDF format, which you can copy and place within your own newsletter, email message, or other communication.  The text of the invitation contains a link which will take the reader directly to the survey.  If another format would be more useful, please let me know.

I also attach a WORD document showing the survey items (exported from the on-line survey), so that you can see exactly what the survey contains.

If you have any concern about potential abuses, please know that my study has been approved by Downstate's Institutional Review Board (IRB), which requires adherence to strict standards designed to protect human subjects.  To reiterate.....  the survey is completely anonymous.

I would be very grateful if you will send my invitation to your subscribers, along with any words of encouragement you would like to add.  If possible, please also let me know when you have passed the information along.

Thank you very much for your consideration of my request!

Best wishes,

Mark Hoglund

Click on this link: mh survey announcement with link