6/12/13 MPO Bicycle Subcommittee Audio Now Available

The audio for last Wednesday’s MPO Bicycle Subcommittee meeting is now available here The group is currently developing a list of bikeway improvement projects for future funding.  In this meeting they focused on the NW quadrant of the area. Future meetings will cover the other 3. It's an interesting listen. Feel free to weigh in by emailing us at info@bikelafayette.org if you have input to share. We'll passs it along - or join us at these public meetings. The public welcome and encouraged to attend.

At the meeting the topic of current bike crash maps came up. FYI - Crash Reports originated by Lafayette Police Dept. are automatically filed with the state, and available to the public as annual crash counts which can be found at http://datareports.lsu.edu/ To access information about bicycle crashes in Lafayette Parish: Click CRASH REPORTS à scroll down and trigger the pull down menu for VEHICLE à Chart H7B is what you want. You can toggle the year at the top (default is 2013). Bicycle Fatalities and Injuries are columns 7 and 9.