3/26/13 City Council/MPO Scoop -- Rusted Rooster Addition!

We're soooooooo excited that so many of you are coming to Tuesday's City Council/MPO Board meeting to advocate for a bicycle friendly Lafayette. Below is a quick run down of what to expect. From the City Council and MPO Governing Board agendas now available online, we know that:

  1. The City Council will convene first at 5:30 p.m. and the Bike Month Proclamation is the first item on the agenda, followed by 10 other items before they adjourn.
  1. Immediately following the City Council meeting's adjournment, the MPO Governing Board will convene --  the membership is exactly the same as the City Council.  The resolution adopting a dedicated goal of 10% of annual Urban Systems funding for Bike/Pedestrian Improvements in greater Lafayette is first on their agenda.

Because the two actions could be an hour or more apart, because it could be really boring to sit through all that stuff in the middle, and because we want as many people as possible to be there for both, we rented out the Rusted Rooster across the street for a place to hang in between!

So, the plan is that we'll go to the Council meeting for the proclamation at 5:30, then file across the street to the Rooster to eat, drink and be merry cyclists (except for the one devotee who stays behind to monitor the agenda and text over when it's time to return), then we mosey back over for the MPO piece. Et voila!  Mission accomplished.

If questions, email info@bikelafayette.org  Spread the word and see you there!